Restaurant Marketing That Works

The Restaurant Growth System

Attract New Customers – Increase Revenue – Get Daily Visibility and Exposure

Top Three Challenges Facing Local Business

Generating a Consistent Flow of New Customers
Increasing Customer Frequency
More Visibility and Exposure

We Solve All Three Problems!

Our Approach To Growing Your Business

More Customers
Step 1: Visibility and Exposure
We place ads for your business which target potential customers within a 10-20 mile radius of your business. These are people who will be having a Birthday within 7 days. You offer them a Free Meal and they bring approximately 3-10 New Paying Customers to your restaurant. Over 80% of people do not dine alone on their Birthday.
special offer
Step 2: Build a Customer Database
They sign up to receive their special offer. We collect their information so you can follow up through email, sms, even Fb Messenger. Unlike most Coupon Marketing Campaigns, we help you stretch your advertising dollars by providing more effectively follow-up with your new customers.
restaurant customers
Step 3: Automated Followup
By sending text and email reminders we dramatically increase the show rate of these customers. We can also ask them to leave a review on Google, further increasing your rankings and Brand Awareness. Followup is the key to increasing each customer's longterm value. We can continue to send "Special Offers" that will entice them to return to your restaurant all year long.
More New Customers
Step 4: Results
Unlike Most Coupon Marketing Strategies, we're able to send you new customers on a consistent basis, rather than just a one-shot-deal. Also, these customers are more likely to continue coming back because of our follow-up marketing. Not only do you get More New Customers with our method, your Brand get a tremendous boost from more Google Reviews and word of mouth. Click the Button Below to get all the details!